All backdrops are made to order. Wrinkle Free Fabric, Vinyl and Mat Floor orders will be processed in up to 3 weeks from the date of your order plus shipping time. Orders can take up to 4 weeks for processing if ordered during a sale plus shipping time. 

Neoprene foldable floors will be processed and delivered up to 6 weeks from the date of your order. 

International shipping is available!

RUSH FEE: We will absolutely do our best to offer you expedited services if time allows. 

Please contact us: prior to placing your order to see if we are able to assist you in expediting your order.

Additional fees may apply. 


Pickups are available from 3 of our pickup locations, these are all listed at checkout. Pickups MUST be picked up within 1 week of being notified that your items are ready. Otherwise a shipping invoice will be sent for your order.

If your full order is not complete, but a number of items are ready, we will still ask for your items to be picked up respectfully, as our homes are used for these pickup locations. 

Please note that certain items are only available for pickup at certain locations, this is noted in the pickup description at checkout. 

Refunds & Exchanges:
Our Printed Backdrops, Floors, Flokatis and Props are custom printed and made to order based on your size and drop selected, therefore we are unable to accept returns or exchanges and your order therefore not be canceled. 

There are no returns on any Floors, Backdrops or Premium Flokatis. Exchanges of Refunds are considered if the product is damaged and we've been notified within 7 days of your order being received.  Product must be in its original condition and unused. 

Please refer to our STORE POLICY for more information.

Items damaged during transit or defective product received:
If your order was received damaged or defective, please send us an email at within 7 days of delivery.

Product must be in its original condition and unused. Photos of damage/defect must be submitted within 7 days of your initial contact with us.

Material Descriptions:

WRINKLE FREE FABRIC: is one of our best selling materials available in all sizes. The ultimate wrinkle free fabric is lightweight with the most vivid and beautiful colours! Wrinkle free fabric is lightweight and foldable which is great for limited storage. These can be clamped to your backdrop stand, tape all corners directly to your studio wall, or use magnetic strips and on your wall for a faster method of changing backdrops.These can also be used as a floordrop for newborns (non-moving subjects), only if you weigh down all corners. This the ideal drop that will last you a lifetime!

VINYL: this i
s a glare free matte material, tear-resistant, waterproof and cake smash proof with all icing colours. You can roll it up nice and thin for easy storage. Please note that unlike neoprene, vinyl does not have a rubber mat backing. Vinyl is very versatile and lightweight and can be used both as a backdrop and a floordrop. 

NEOPRENE FOLDABLE FLOORS: The ULTIMATE floor for the photographer who wants the very best! These Neoprene Foldable floors have it all; highly durable, wrinkle free, foldable for easy storage, the most realistic looking with the most vivid colours. No more sides rolling up on you! Can be folded and stacked for easy storage or rolled and secured with the included velcro strap. It is advised to fold your neoprene loosely for storage.

**ADVISORY**: Cakes are highly advised to be used on DARKER neoprene floors. Use on lighter colour floors with a white cake at your own risk. For it to clean effectively it must be cleaned right after, ONLY using the grandmas secret stain remover.

NOTE: Neoprene floors will naturally print in a cooler tone due to the raw material used.

MAT FLOORS: Mat Floors have a non-slip rubber backing which means they wont move around on you or your wriggly little sitters. The surface of the floor is a soft fabric felt style carpet. These are great for lots of different sessions but we do advise not to use it for cake smashes as the cake and colours will stick to the fibres. Each floor comes with a velcro strap to secure it for storage once you've rolled it back up after use. Mat floors should lay flat or rolled for proper storage. These are very sturdy, tear and scratch resistant.

MAT FLOOR CARE: It is not recommended to use Mat Floors for Cake Smashes as they will likely stain due to the porous carpet material. Gently spot clean any areas with a clean damp cloth. Ensure floor is completely dry before storing.

NOTE: Mat Floors similarly to the neoprene that with the printing process and how it is absorbed into the material, the the backdrop can be a couple shades different once printed.

Will my backdrop be an exact match if I print the same design on two different materials?
No, We do NOT guarantee matches on the same designed backdrops and floors if they are printed on different materials. When purchasing two different materials for a set, you are knowingly accepting this risk.

If you want to get the same drop that ematches the drop MUST be purchased on the SAME MATERIAL and must be purchased within the SAME ORDER, as each print run may result in minor differences.

Our Mat Flooring and Neoprene are much different materials than our Poly Paper and Fabric, and is printed on two different printers using different colour profiles.

With the use of different printers, materials and colour profiles. Our Neoprene and Mat Floors will usually be two shades different than the Poly Paper or Fabric Backdrops.

We are unable to guarantee a match when purchasing two separate design in different materials. 

No refunds, exchanges or returns will be allowed in the event that your set does not match.

Do you ship Internationally?
We absolutely ship World Wide! International Shipping is available at check out. If there are any issues with selecting a shipping option upon checkout , please email us at: for further assistance.

Backdrop & Floor Orientation:
Our Products are all listed in Canadian Measurements. 
These items will in a "landscape" orientation, as pictured in our sample images.

Example Of Backdrop: 7x5ft backdrop is 7 feet wide and 5 feet tall.

Premium Flokatis:
Presale Flokati orders may not be cancelled for any reason.

While we take special care to make sure colours are represented accurately, every monitor displays colour differently. 
Refunds/exchanges will not be permitted due to how colours appear in person vs. in images.

Can you expedite my order?
We will absolutely do our best to offer you expedited services if time allows. 
Please contact us: prior to placing your order to see if we are able to assistance in expediting your order.
Additional fees may apply. 

How long before my order ships?

All backdrops are made to order. Orders from the shop are processed every Friday morning and take 2-3 weeks before shipping, 4 weeks if ordered during a sale.

Save on shipping by selecting one of our local pickup points during checkout.  

Exceptions for processing/delivery times:
Please be advised that delays may occur during heavy storms or major Holidays. Mail can also be delayed if items are sent to a P.O. Box or for those who live in rural areas. 

Please email customer service at if you need assistance expediting an order. 

Please reach out before placing your order if you have questions regarding our processing times, as your order cannot be canceled once placed.

Copyright Information:

All of Lilly Bear Studio Props and Backdrops backdrop and floor design images are copyrighted. They may not be duplicated, used in or as a digital backdrop, reprinted or copied in any form without written consent from Lilly Bear Studio Props and Backdrops. 

Do you take custom requests?
If you would like to have a custom design printed, please email us at 
Additional fees may apply.

Still have questions?
Contact us at for any other questions, we are happy to help!

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Monday-Friday 9:00am - 9:00pm
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