Quad Neoprene Floor

Lilly Bear Studio Props


Quad Floors: Four designs in one! Perfect size for newborns and sitters. 
Choose any 4 designs of your choice, each design will be sized to 4'w 2.5'h.

TURN AROUND TIME: All backdrops are made to order. 
Neoprene foldable floors will be processed and shipped within 4-6 weeks from the date of your order. 

International shipping is available!

Please contact us: lillybearstudioprops@gmail.com prior to placing your order to see if we are able to assist you in expediting your order.

NEOPRENE FOLDABLE FLOORS: The ULTIMATE floor for the photographer who wants the very best! These Neoprene Foldable floors have it all; highly durable, wrinkle free, foldable for easy storage, the most realistic looking with the most vivid colours. No more sides rolling up on you! Can be folded and stacked for easy storage or rolled and secured with the included velcro strap. It is advised to fold your neoprene loosely for storage.

**ADVISORY**: Cakes are highly advised to be used on DARKER neoprene floors. Use on lighter colour floors with a white cake at your own risk. For it to clean effectively it must be cleaned right after, ONLY using the grandmas secret stain remover.
NOTE: Neoprene floors will naturally print in a cooler tone due to the raw material used and can print 2-3 shades different then what is seen online. 

NEOPRENE CARE: Gently spot clean with a clean damp cloth. After a cake smash session you must apply the Grandma's Secret Spot Remover Serum generously. Please follow the directions on the bottle. This can be purchased on Amazon or at Bed Bath And Beyond.

Neoprene floors can also be put into your washing machine then laid out or hung to dry! Please ensure floor is completely dry before storing.

Actual printed product may vary slightly from image you see on screen. This is due to the calibration of the device you're viewing on. Additionally, in use images may vary depending on a photographers shooting & editing style.